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212 Southern Historical Society Papers.

Company B.

Sergeants: George W. Thomas, Richard H. Corley, detailed division Provost Guard.

Corporal John H. Phillips.

Privates: Robert L. Goodgame, David C. Hogan, James W. Hollinshaw, William B. Hardagree, Thomas Jacobs, Oliver P. Looney, John McKay, teamster, John O. McPherson, Robert H. J. Mallory, Benjamin F. Pinson.

Company C. Sergeant Calvin Hoyt.

Privates: Reuben C. Edwards, Anderson McGraw, John G. Williams, William T. Walker, Robert Esterheld, division commis- sary department.

Company D.

Corporal Wade H. Cardwell.

Privates: James M. Buzby, Henry R. Cook, James P. McClenny, Jesse Pritchett, Robert Turner.

Company E.

Sergeant Robert B. Kirk. Corporal Amos A. Cox. Privates: John Tachett, detailed teamster, Jasper Rogers.

Company F.

Sergeants: James H. Eason, Azariah G. Howard, Orderly Ser- geant 1 2th Alabama.

Privates: Thomas W. Collier, Micajah J. Moore, William A. Moore, Asbury F. Manning, James A. Parker, detailed teamster.

Company G.

Privates- Jasper W. Sawyer, detailed teamster, Chas. R. Smith, Green Swearingin, detailed teamster.

Company H. Corporal Jesse Herring.

Privates: Andrew P. Calhoun, division Provost Guard, Lawson C. Meeks, Simon Mayor, Levi N. Oden, William Odom, Dock R. Priddy, John W. Rantz, detailed harness maker.

Company I.

Sergeant: Wesley Thomas, William Corbett. Musician Henry C. Sweetzer.