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The Twelfth Alabama Infantry. 245

July 4. A memorable day! All able to walk were sent towards Maryland, and the badly wounded were hauled away. Dr. Whit- field was very kind and placed me in the first ambulance, driven by Sam Slaton, in company with Lieutenant Wright and Captains Ross and Hewlett. The night was a dark, dreary, rainy one. At i o'clock A. M. we started after a long halt on Fairfield road, towards Hagerstown, riding over an execrable mountain road. We were suffering, wet and anxious. The Yankee cavalry at- tacked our train and took several of our wagons, including the third one in our rear. They were firing uncomfortable near. Our am- bulance broke down at this critical time, and we waked up a farmer, got his small market wagon, left one horse with him and drove the other, with his wagon, on to Hagerstown. Captain Pickens, quar- termaster, aided us much. At Washington Hotel in Hagerstown, the proprietor gave us sandwiches and a bottle of whiskey and spoke cheeringly.

July 5. We reached Williamsport, after a gloomy night, at 6 A. M., and drove our horse across the Potomac and reached Mar- tinsburg at 2 P. M., had our wounds dressed, ate dinner in the hospital, drove four miles and spent the night at Mr. Stanley's.

July 6. Arrived at Winchester at 4 o'clock, turned over our horse and wagon to provost marshal, Captain Cullen, and left Winchester on mail coach, reaching Woodstock at n o'clock at night, and slept on the hotel floor. Citizens are anxious for news and asked many questions.

July 7. Breakfasted and left on stage for Staunton, eating din- ner at Harrisonburg, where a generous stranger paid our bill. Money is not plentiful with us. Reached Staunton at 8:30 at night and stopped at American Hotel Hospital.

July 8. Drew a month's pay and obtained transfer to general hospital, Richmond. Captain H. and I hired a horse and buggy for $12.00 to carry us to Middle river, six miles distant, to get our valises from Captain Haralson. quartermaster.

July 9. Reached Richmond 5 P. M. Went to hospital number four, Dr. J. B. Reid. Dr. A. Y. P. Garnett gave me a thirty day's furlough, approved by General Winder.


General Lee placed the Army of Northern Virginia in position at and around Orange Courthouse during the summer of 1863. At