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Field of Blood Was The Crater. 357

While I glory in the everlasting link of kinship between all true Confederate soldiers, I also thank God that the bond of friendship has grown between those who held opposite sides of the firing line from 1 86 1 to 1865.

These old battle flags, given back to us by the unanimous vote of Congress with the willing signature of a chivalrous President, are signals of peace and love.

They are heralds proclaiming that the veteran soldiers of the North and South love their enemies for the glory of God, and have united in friendship for the Honor of the great American Republic.

"Our flag of glory fly no more Where 'mid mad battle's thunder- roar

We brothers slay!

Glow love in souls where once glared ire! Then never will a star expire Until the heavens in final fire

Have passed away!"

We rally again to recount actions and recall memories of war in a spirit of friendly rivalry, which will shed luster on the Army of Northern Virginia and the Army of the Potomac in degrees humili- tating to neither.

Let the truth come, and the American soldier who stood with Lee and Jackson will be found by the future historian as true and patriotic as the soldier who fought with Grant and Hancock; and the cause of the South shall be pronounced absolutely right and just under the Constitution, to which George Washington affixed his signature.