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We are all confident of our ability to whip them any way they may come. Since we whipped them so badly they have become as quiet as possible, more so than usual.

Our brigade is sent here where we will have little to do, and can rest and let the others handle the Yankees awhile.

My health is good. I got a terrible fall in the fight the other day, and think it occurred from the explosion of a shell near me. I have nearly recovered from it now.

Your affectionate husband,


P. S. Here is the congratulatory order sent by General A. P. Hill a few days after the battle:


August 4, 1864. General Order No. 27:

Anderson's division, commanded by Brigadier-General Ma- hone, so distinguished itself by its successes during the present campaign as to merit the special mention of the corps commander, and he tenders to the division, its officers and men, his thanks for the gallantry displayed by them, whether attacking or being attacked. Thirty-one stand of colors, fifteen pieces of artillery and 4,000 prisoners are the proud mementoes which signalize its valor and entitle it to the admiration and gratitude of our coun- try.