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History of Chimborazo Hospital.

deaths at Chimborazo was a fraction over nine per cent. Complete records were kept, and are still in existence in the office of the surgeon-general at Washington, D. C, upon which the name of every patient can be found when wanted, and the cause of his death.

The organization of Chimborazo hospital was as follows:

Surgeon James B. McCaw, commandant and medical director.

First Division, Virginia—Surgeon P. F. Brown, of Accomac, Va.

Second Division, Georgia—Surgeon Habersham, of Atlanta, Ga.

Third Division, North Carolina—Surgeon E. Harvey Smith.

Fourth Division, Alabama—Surgeon S. N. Davis.

Fifth Division, South Carolina—Surgeon E. M. Seabrook, Charleston, S. C.

The medical staff numbered, or averaged, about forty or forty-five in all.

There was also a medical examining board, composed of the surgeons of divisions, to pass on questions of furloughs and discharges. The subjoined roster is not complete, but includes some who are alive and still in active work:

First Division—Assistant Surgeon George Ross, of Richmond, Va., assistant medical director A. P. Hill corps; vice-president National Association Railroad Surgeons, etc.; commanded company of University students, April, 1861, at Harper's Ferry; Assistant Surgeon James C. Watson, of Richmond, Va., in charge first division at surrender; ex-surgeon of State penitentiary, etc. Assistant Surgeons John G. Trevillian, of Richmond, Va.; J. Prosser Harrison, of Richmond, Va.; George F. Alsop, W. H. Pugh, John G. Baylor, of Norfolk, Va.; Board Woodson, of Virginia ; Samuel Smith, of Farmville, Va.

Second Division—Assistant Surgeon H. Cabell Tabb, 01 Richmond, Va., medical L. I. Co., of Virginia; ex-president Medical Director's Association of the United States, Canada, etc. Assistant Surgeons Edward Adams, Amelia county, Va.; J. C. Vaiden, New Kent county, Va.; Jack Harrison, Bremo Bluff, Va. Steward in charge dispensary, Joseph A. Gale, now chief surgeon