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Virginia Generals in C. S. Army.

From the Times-Dispatch, November 15, 22, 29, 1908.


The list of general officers from Virginia in the Confederate service was published in this column some years ago, but it did not give the dates of their appointment and promotion, or their commands. These are here given for the first time. We suggest to our comrades, and to the "Sons" and "Daughters" to preserve it in their scrapbooks. Many letters have come to our office asking for information, which this list will supply. To our friend, General Marcus J. Wright, whose faithful service has been of inestimable value to our Confederate history, we are largely indebted for assistance in this compilation. If any errors are found we ask for their correction.

R. W. H.

Joseph R. Anderson, brigadier-general, September 3, 1861. Resigned July 19, 1862, to take charge of the Tredegar Works; died at Isle of Shoals, N. FL, September 7, 1892.

Commands—Brigade composed of the Fourteenth, Thirty-fifth, Forty-fifth and Forty-ninth Georgia Regiments, Infantry, and the Third Louisiana Battalion, Infantry, A. P. Hill's Light Division, Army of Northern Virginia.

Lewis Addison Armistead, major corps of artillery, Confederate States Army, March 16, 1861; colonel Fifty-seventh Virginia Infantry—, 1861; brigadier-general, April 1, 1862; killed at Gettysburg, July 3, 1863, in charge of Pickett's Division.

Commands—Brigade composed of Ninth, Fourteenth, Thirty-eighth. Fifty-third and Fifty-seventh Virginia Regiments, Infantry, Army of Northern Virginia.

Turner Ashby, lieutenant-colonel Seventh Virginia Cavalry, July 17, 1861; brigadier-general May 23, 1862; killed near Harrisonburg, Va., June 6, 1862.

Commands—Original command of twenty-six companies of cavalry subsequently organized into the Sixth, Seventh and