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Virginia Generals in C. S. Army.

12 to September 19, 1861; brigade composed of Twentieth Mississippi and the Thirty-sixth, Fiftieth and Fifty-first Regiments, Virginia Infantry; commanding division at Fort Donelson, Tenn., February, 1862.

Samuel Garland, Jr., brigadier-general, May 23, 1862; killed at South Mountain, September 14, 1862.

Commands—Brigade composed of Fifth, Twelfth, Thirteenth, Twentieth and Twenty-third Regiments, North Carolina Infantry, A. N. V.

Richard Brooke Garnett, major corps of artillery, C. S. A., March 16, 1861; brigadier-general, November 14, 1861; killed at Gettysburg, July 3, 1863, in the charge of Pickett's Division.

Commands—Commanding Stonewall Brigade, composed of Second, Fourth, Fifth, Twenty-seventh and Thirty-third Regiments, Virginia Infantry, Jackson's Corps; commanding brigade composed of Eighth, Eighteenth, Nineteenth, Twenty-eighth and Fifty-sixth Regiments, Virginia Infantry; Pickett's Division Longstreet's Corps, A. N. V.

Robert Selden Garnett, lieutenant-colonel corps of infantry, C. S. A., March 16, 1861; brigadier-general, June 6, 1861; killed at Garrick's Ford, July 13, 1861; while in command of forces in Western Virginia opposing McClellan.

Henry Heth, major corps of infantry, C. S. A., March 16, 1861; colonel Fourth Virginia Infantry, June 17, 1861; brigadier-general, January 6, 1862; major-general, May 24, 1863; died in Washington city, September 26, 1899.

Commands—Brigade in 1862, composed of Fortieth, Forty-seventh and Fifty-fifth Virginia Regiments, Infantry, and Twenty-second Virginia Battalion, Infantry, A. P. Hill's Division, A. N. V., division composed of Pettigrew's, Archer's, Davis's, Cooke's and Brockenbrough's Brigades, Third Corps, A.

N. V.

Ambrose Powell Hill, colonel Thirteenth Virginia Infantry,—, 1861; brigadier-general, February 26, 1862; Major-general, May 26, 1862; lieutenant-general, May 24, 1863; killed at Petersburg, Va., April 2, 1865.

Commands—Brigade composed of First, Seventh, Eleventh and Seventeenth Regiments, Virginia Infantry; and Roger's