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Virginia Generals in C. S. Army.

State forces 1861; brigadier-general, C. S. A., May 14, 1861; general, C. S. A , June 14. 1861; general-in-chief, January 31, J 865; died at Lexington, Ya., October 12, 1870.

Commands—In command of operations in Trans-Alleghany Department, 1861; in charge of defenses on coast of South Carolina and Georgia, 1861-1862; commanding Army of Northern Virginia, June, 1862; assigned to duty at Richmond, 1862, charged with the conduct of all military operations of the Confederate States army, under the direction of the President; commanding Army of Northern Virginia from June 1, 1862, to April 9, 186 5.

William Henry Fitzhugh Lee, captain corps of cavalry, May 6, 1861; major, corps of cavalry, May, 1861; lieutenant-colonel. Ninth Virginia Cavalry, December, 1861; colonel, Ninth Virginia Cavalry, March, 1862; brigadier-general, September 15, 1862; major-general, April 23, 1864; died at Ravensworth, Fairfax county, Ya., October 15, 1891.

Commands—Brigade in 1862, composed of Ninth and Thirteenth Regiments, Virginia Cavalry, and Second Regiment, North Carolina Cavalry, and "McGregor's Battery of Artillery, Fitzhugh Lee's Division, Army of Northern Virginia; division in June, 1864, composed of the cavalry brigades of Chambers. Barringer and Roberts, and two batteries of artillery. Army of Northern Virginia.

R. D. Lilley, major Twenty-fifth Virginia Regiment Infantry, January 28, 1863; lieutenant-Colonel, Twenty-fifth Virginia Regiment Infantry, August 27, 1863; brigadier-general, May 31, 1864; died at Staunton. Va., November 12, 1886.

Commands—Brigade composed of the Thirteenth, Forty-ninth, Twenty-fifth, Fifty-second and Fifty-eighth Virginia Regiments (formerly Pegram's brigade); Ramseur's Division, Early's corps, Army of Northern Virginia.

Lunsford Lindsay Lomax, colonel Eleventh Virginia Cavalry, February 8, 1863; brigadier-general, July 23, 1863; major-general, August 10, 1864.

Commands—Brigade composed of the Fifth, Sixth and Fifteenth Regiments, Virgina Cavalry, and First Regiment, Maryland Cavalry, Army of Northern Virginia; division composed