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Virginia Generals in C. S. Army.

lery, A. N. Va., July 21, 1861, to April 9, 1862; brigadier-general, March 26, 1862; died at Lexington, Va., January 15, 1883.

George Edward Pickett, major corps of artillery, March 6, 1861; * * * brigadier-general, January 14, 1862; major-general, October 10, 1862; died at Norfolk, Va., July 30, 1875.

Commands—Brigade composed of Eighth, Eighteenth, Nineteenth, Twenty-eighth and Fifty-sixth Virginia Regiments, Infantry, A. N. Va.; division composed of brigades of Garnett, Armistead, Corse, Kemper, Longstreet's Corps, A. N. Va.; commanding Department of North Carolina, September 23, 1863.

Roger Atkinson Pryor, colonel Third Virginia Infantry,—, 1861; brigadier-general, April 16, 1862; resigned August 18, 1863.

Commands—Brigade composed of Fourteenth Louisiana and Fourteenth Alabama, Second Florida and Third Virginia Regiments of Infantry and Coppen's Light Battery of Artillery, subsequently composed of Third Virginia, Fourteenth Alabama, Second, Fifth and Eighth Florida Regiments, Infantry, A. N. Va.

George Wythe Randolph, * * * brigadier-general, February 13, 1862; Secretary of War, March 17 to December 18, 1862; died April 4, 1867.

Alexander W. Reynolds, captain corps of infantry, C. S. A., March 16, 1861; colonel Fiftieth Virginia Infantry, July 10, 1861; brigadier-general, September 14, 1863; died May 26, 1876.

Commands—Brigade composed of the Fifty-fourth and Sixty-third Virginia Regiments, Infantry, and Fifty-eighth and Sixtieth North Carolina Regiments, Infantry, Stevenson's Division, Army of Tennessee.

Beverley H. Robertson, captain corps artillery, C. S. A., September 14, 1861; colonel Virginia Volunteer Cavalry, August 21, 1861: captain, assistant adjutant-general, December 24, 1861; brigadier-general, June 9, 1862.

Commands—Brigade composed of Second, Sixth, Seventh and Eleventh Virginia Regiments and Lieutenant-Colonel Funston's Sixteenth Virginia Battalion; commanding at Goldsboro, N. C,