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Virginia Generals in C. 8. Army.

tember 11, 1863; brigadier-general. May 19, 1864; died near Wytheville, Va., September 12, 1888.

Commands—Brigade composed of Second, Fourth, Fifth, Tenth, Twenty-first, Twenty-third, Twenty-fifth, Twenty-seventh, Thirty-third, Thirty-seventh, Forty-fourth, Forty-eighth and Fiftieth Regiments, Virginia Infantry; being parts of brigades formerly commanded by General T. J. Jackson, John M. Jones and George H. Steuart, Army of Northern Virginia.

William Richard Terry, colonel, Twenty-fourth Virginia Infantry, September 21, 1861; brigadier-general, May 31, 1864; died at Richmond, Va., March 28, 1897.

Commands—Brigade composed of First, Third, Seventh, Eleventh and Twenty-fourth Regiments, Virginia Infantry, Army of Northern Virginia.

Henry E. Walker, captain, corps of infantry, C. S. A., March 16, 1861; lieutenant-colonel, Fortieth Virginia Regiment, ——————, 1861; brigadier-general, July 1, 1863.

Commands—Brigade composed of Fortieth, Forty-seventh and Fifty-fifth Regiments, Virginia Infantry, and Twenty-second Virginia Battalion, Infantry, Army of Northern Virginia; commanding Archer's Brigade, Army of Northern Virginia.

James A. Walker, lieutenant-colonel, Thirteenth Regiment, Virginia Infantry, , 1861; colonel, Thirteenth Virginia Infantry, \342\226\240 , 1861; brigadier-general, May—, 1862; died ——————, at Wytheville, Va.

Commands—Commanding the Stonewall Brigade, Second, Fourth, Fifth, Twenty-seventh and Thirty-third Virginia Infantry; commanding Pegram's Division, 1865.

Rueben Lindsay "Walker, captain, Purcell Battery, Virginia Artillery; colonel, March 14, 1863; brigadier-general, February 18, 1865; died at Richmond, Va., ——————, 1890.

Commands—Commanding artillery of General A. P. Hill's Corps, Army of Northern Virginia.

D. A. Weisiger, colonel, Twelfth Regiment, Virginia Infantry, January, 1, 1861; brigadier-general, May 31, 1861, died at Richmond, Va., February 23, 1899.

Commands—Brigade composed of Sixth, Twelfth, Sixteenth,