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Officers and Soldiers of the War 1812-15.

From N. O., La., Picayune, August 23, 1905.


Interesting Manuscript Discovered That Gives New Details—
Roster of the Famous Battalion of Orleans

It Contains Many Names Still Prominent in This State—Credit Given
to the Intrepid Corsairs Under the Command of Lafitte.

One of the episodes of the battle of New Orleans is narrated in a manuscript in the possession of Mr. J. B. Pelletier, the Bourbon Street collector of antiques. The document treats of the part taken in the brief yet decisive combat against the British invaders by the Battalion of Orleans Volunteers, and gives a full roster of officers and men. It also comments on the valor, splendid appearance and patriotic service of the soldiers, and mentions, in special manner, the bravery of Lafitte, the buccaneer, and his intrepid French sailors, who helped Jackson, with their artillery, in repulsing the enemy. There are some kind appreciations of the battalion of colored freemen, whose intrepidity is commended.

The manuscript is wholly written in French, and is supposed to have been drafted by L. M. Raynaud, Adjutant of the Battalion of Orleans Volunteers.

The translation is as follows:

Roster of the Battalion
The Volunteers of Orleans
Which Took Such a Glorious
Part in the Defense of
New Orleans Against
the English
In December, 1814, and January, 1815.

"The Battalion of Orleans Volunteers distinguished itself by