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Roster of Churchville Cavalry.

denly of apoplexy at his home, in Augusta county, on Sunday, June 1 8, 1899. This company was enrolled in active service at Churchville from the 19th day of April, 1861:

Franklin F. Sterrett, captain.

Robert R. Ruff, first lieutenant. George A. Hanger, second lieutenant.

James Cochran, third lieutenant.

Joseph A. Wilson, first sergeant.

John T. Eubank, second sergeant.

Henry H. Hanger, third sergeant.

Hugh F. Turk, fourth sergeant.

John L. Hill, fifth sergeant.

John B. Wynant, sixth sergeant.

Charles L. Francisco, sixth sergeant.

Abraham Hoover, first corporal.

Jacob A. Hanger, second corporal.

William R. Flodge, third corporal.

Robert Cochran, fourth corporal.

James M. Lickliter, bugler.

Privates—William F. Allen, David H. Bear, James H. Bear, James E. Bell, Charles L. Campbell, James Kenney Campbell, Addison C. Crawford, William W. Donaghe, Edward Augustus Dudley, Elijah Dull, Robert B. Dunlop, Daniel Falls, James A. Frazier, Calvin J. Fuller, David F. Gilkeson, Thomas E. Gilkeson, William A. Hanger, James F. Heizer, John Henry Hite, Henry S. Hogsett, Benjamin B. Houseman, Francis E. Irvin, Andrew Jackson Johns, John Keller, Noah Knopp, Robert Love, John G. Massincup, William L. Massincup, John G. Mann, William D. Mills, Isaac Myers, Williams F. Myers, John O. Ramsey, William S. Ramsey, William W. Ramsey, David L. Reid, John Roudabush, Silas Rubush, George Sellers, James Sheets, John H. Sheets, George E. Sherman, George F. Smith, George M. Speck, Albert R. Whitmore, Jacob Henry Whitmore, and James B. Wilson.