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two months ago, she was informed by Mr. Stanton that the cause of my arrest was an endorsement on a letter of a man named Alston, which had been written to Mr. Davis, as President, and referred to the War Department. In the regular course of the routine of the affair, I had referred it to the A. Gen'l, "for attention," it being his duty to examine and dispose of letters between parties. My own statement and that of Gen. Cooper, Adjt. General and four of his assistants have been filed with my application for amnesty to show that this endorsement was no cause whatever to subject me to death or bonds.

As my arrest was made at night without any notice, or means to answer or to explain, I had hoped that my discharge would have been prompt upon the filing of such testimony.

I respectfully call your attention to this condition of my affairs as more than three months of captivity have been endured.

Very Respectfully,
Your Ob't S'v't,

John A. Campbell.

Endorsed: "Letter to Atto. General Speed.

This letter was sent from Fort Pulaski. It was thought not prudent to deliver it by my friends in Baltimore and was returned to me.

It is only as a contemporary record that I preserve it."