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it was more than I could stand. I rode away in the gloom of the evening, and my soldier life was forever over. I liked the life, it was congenial to me, and I had a splendid battery, a fine set of men—brave, prompt, and active. I liked all about the life of a soldier—the march, the bivouac, the dash at the enemy, and liked the danger and excitement. But, above all, I liked the cause for which I had exposed my life so after leaving wife and children. It proved to be a mistake, but I have never regretted the part I took in it. It had been my pride. But it is all for the best. I would not have it otherwise. This country is too grand and great to be divided. I have the kindest feelings for every one. Of all this I can truly say, "Miserima vidi pars fuit."

J. D. Cumming.