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Adams, Charles Francis, 294

Alien and Sedition Acts, 64

Alstadt Grays, Roster of, 6

American Sun never sets on U. S. flag. 71

Anderson, Gen. Joseph R., 256

Andersonville Prison, 1
Location healthful and salubrious, 5
Its humane commander, Wirz, 5
Rations at, 6
Mortality between Federal and Confederate prisons contrasted, 7 226
President Davis in no way responsible for conditions at, 8

Appomattox C. H., Last of the 14th Va. Cavalry at, 13.
Confederate Generals at, 15

Ashbrooke. W. M., 26

Augustin, James M., 140

Barksdale, Gen. Wm., 17

Bartlett, U. S. S., Gen., 168

Battle Abbey of the Confederacy, Location of decided, 156

Bond of Trustees of, 160

Beauregard, Gen. P. G. T., 76

Birdsong, J. C, 360

Black Horse Troop The. 297

Blandford Cemetery, Tribute of Love to Dead Buried there 185

Bloody Angle, Story of the, 206

Bond, E. Holmes 225

Bouldin, Capt. E. E , 13

Breckinridge, Gen. John C, at Meechums, 102

Brock, R. A., 28

Brooks, Capt. W. R., 152

Burgess, W. W. 124

Burgwvn, Col. W. K., How Killed at Gettysburg, 245

Calhoun, John C on Secession, 67
On Public Plunder 324

Campbell Judge John A., 250
His Efforts for Reconstruction, 256 Arbitrary Imprisonment of, 260

Capitol, Location of the Old, 29

Catlett's Station Raid, The, 213

Cavalry Raid in the War of Secession, 280

Chalmers, Gen. A. H,, 184

Chancellor-House Fieidand Ford, 199

Chilton, Gen. R. H., 10

Chimborazo Hospital History of, 86
Organization of, 91 Its Trading Boat 90

Christian, Judge Geo. L., 160

Churchviile Cavalry, Roster of 218

Clark, Hon. Champ, Pithy Address of, 74

Clay, Henri, on Secession, 67

Cobb, Gen. T. R R., Killed 24

Cohesive Power of Public Plunder. 324

Coles Hon, Edward, Began Reform with His Own Slaves, 32

Co E, 19th Va. Infantry, Officers and Roster, 237

Confederate Army, Its Grand Achievements Privations and Fortitude 72

Confederate Constitution, Adoption of the, 244
Original Manuscript of, 371

Confederate Generals from Va. 105

Confederate Memorial Literary Society, Manuscripts of 372

Confederate Money Depreciation of, 31

Confederate Presidency Offered A. H. Stephens, 141

Confederate Supreme Court Urged by W. L. Yancey 209

Conn, W. A., 223.

Conrad Boys in Confederate Service, 224

Cooke, J. Churchill, 214

Coolness of Confederate Soldier, Instance of, 194

Continental Money, Depreciation, 31

Corsairs in the War of 1812
Federal, 136

Crater, Battle of the, 128, 151

Gallantry of Alabama Brigade at, 173

Cumming, J, D., 266

Davis Jefferson, Elected President of the Confederacy, 145
His Intimates at West Point 81
Never Saw Report of Chandler on Andersonville, 8, 17
In Private and Public Life, 74
His "Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government" 84

Davis, V. Jefferson, 158

Delaware Escape from Fort, 271

De Leon, T. C 74

Dinkins, Capt. James, 180

"Dixie," How it Came to be Written, 369

Donelson, Capture of Fort, 271

Ellyson, Lieut.-Gov. J Taylor 160

Emancipation in the United States in 1861, 328

Embargo Act. 64

Emmett, Daniel D., 369

Fathers of Confederate Veterans Living 368

Featherston, Capt. John C. 161

Fisher's Hill, Desperate Picket Fight 221

Fleming, Prof. W. L.. 8

Forrest, Gen. N. B., 180

Fredericksburg Battle of, Confederates and Federals Killed and Wounded at, 24
Historic Spots in Field Around, 197

Freeman Dr. Douglas S., 371

G Co. 24th Va. Infantry, History of members, 256

Garne't, Judge Theo. S., 251

Gettysburg, Battle of, 245

Gibbons, J. R., 236

Gildersleeve, Dr. J. R., 86

Goss, Lynn C , 237