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Roster of the Alstadt Grays.

Edward T. Osborne, Eddie Phaup, William Pinchback, Coleman Purdie, John E. Porter, Lewis Porter, William Rudd, Samuel Rudd, Richard Stratton. R. O. Stratton, John W. Simes, J. B. Simes, T. M. Simes, Alexander Simes, A. C. Wilkinson, John Wilkinson, Samuel Wilkinson, Richard Wilkinson, William C. Woodfin, James F. Woodfin, Charles Worsham and Marcellus Williams.


Out of the many wounded of the Alstadt Grays, two notable instances yet survive in the persons of Julius Chesterfield and Lewis Dorset, of Richmond.

Mr. Condrey was so desperately wounded in the neck by a minnie ball that his surgeons advised against an operation, and he carried the ball in his neck for twelve years.

One Sunday, after attending church, he returned home and lay on his bed. He leaned far over and coughed. The bullet fell out on the floor.

Squire Cheatham, of Oak Grove, vouches for this incident, which he related yesterday afternoon.

In the case of Mr. Lewis Dorset, who was wounded in a fight below Petersburg, the soldier was left on the field to die, remaining on the ground for many hours.

The ball which struck Mr. Dorset entered the left breast just above the heart, penetrated the lung, and tore away the anterior portion of the right shoulder blade.

Mr. Dorset has been refused by practically every insurance company in the country; he nevertheless enjoys good health at an advanced age.