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already seated, and found them very decent-looking personages. Amongst them were two young women of the middle rank in society; but you must not fancy, as by your laugh you seem to do, that they were the incitements to the journey.” “But two beautiful women!” “Sirs, they were as ugly as Satan,—so ugly, that though the best places in the coach were vacant at their side, the two other travellers had seated themselves in a sort of basket that formed the hinder part of this new-fashioned vehicle. Of these, one seemed to be a young Ulpian, the other a disciple of Hippocrates, and both looking as gay as if neither law nor physic were mortal.

The coach was on the point of starting; I hastened, therefore, to take my place, not in my own name, indeed, but as Doctor Klep; the truth is, I began to be a little ashamed of my whim, but not a jot the more disposed on that account to give it up.

Whether I looked too wise, or not wise enough for a doctor, I cannot pretend to say, but it seems that my appearance did not answer