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for you, my friend. I have ordered the carriage to be got ready, and will go with you myself to the * * * Spa.”

My objections in regard to the want of dress for an absence of many days were quickly removed by the appearance of a travelling trunk, which was brought in by the servants. I then sought to excuse myself on the plea of my having left home without giving any one the least notice of any such intention. To this he replied by saying, “There are pen, ink, and paper, and in two hours the post goes out. Make haste, that we may get to the Spa early in the evening, or your new acquaintance else may give us to know in a most effectual manner the nature of his occupation.—Come, come; no hesitation,” he added, opening his writing-desk, and forcing me into a chair before it.

There was some appearance of truth in his reasoning. I acceded, and in another half hour we set off at a round trot, that brought us to the Spa by sunset, just as my intended and her aunt were on the point of going out for an evening walk. I jumped out of the carriage,