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with the white feather had disappeared. On a sudden I heard Eloisa’s voice from a small side room.

“Good heavens! sir,—what would you have of me?”

“You must unmask yourself,” replied a deep voice.

I went nearer to them. The dialogue was carried on in French, and the unmasked person, conversing with her, appeared to be a native of France.

“Why is this?” exclaimed the aunt indignantly. “A fine masked ball, indeed, where masks are compelled to avow themselves, who have committed no offence against decorum!”

“Extraordinary circumstances require extraordinary measures,” replied the director of police; and, turning to Eloisa, he again asked, “With whom were you conversing?”

“A mask,” she replied, “as you may have seen yourself.”

“Tell me his name, and I shall not then require you to unmask.”