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our fellow-passengers the witnesses of my gratitude. All this helped to keep up the appearance of distress, and it was by such appearance alone I could hope to save myself. At that time I did not dare to reveal my real circumstances even to you, and therefore it was that I escaped from you amongst the bushes in the neighbourhood of Rudendorf. Subsequently my heart almost betrayed me. This lady I knew was at the Spa, and there I hoped to meet her at the masked ball. A tall white feather was to be the mark of recognition. For a long time I walked about in the vain hope of being accosted by her, or by somebody in her employ, when on a sudden I heard your name, pronounced aloud; and this led me to seek the acquaintance of two ladies, one of whom, as I understand, is now your wife. I asked them after you, and the ladies pointed out a mask, to whom I subsequently paid a very small portion of the great debt I have contracted.

Unfortunately I failed altogether in my main purpose at the ball; for the enemy had seized