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“Why did n’t you?”

“I was just trying to make up my mind to do it when you got by,” Sheldon acknowledged. “I’m too tender-hearted; that’s what’s the matter with me.—Little brother here is getting to be quite the oarsman. You going to row this year, Crashaw?”

“Yes, I’m expecting to.”

“Well, I should n’t wonder if there’d be a Crashaw on the winning crew this year, as well as on the losing one.”

“I like your news better than your way of putting it,” Charles answered.

“When they had shaken hands and Sheldon had departed, Charles turned to Edward.

“That is pretty good news,” he said. “I suppose that coming from the captain of the School crew it’s pretty straight?”

“Oh, Sheldon has n’t given a thought to the crew yet,” Edward answered. “He was just being pleasant.”

“He would n’t have said a thing like that without some reason!”

“Mr. Burns may have told him I was pro-