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crew. But it was n’t just as captain that I wanted to see you, Edward, and say good-bye. It’s because I like you too—and I hope that we'll still be friends a couple of years from now when we ’re both in college.”

He held out his hand, and Edward grasped it.

“Thank you,” he said. guess we will. I guess everybody that goes from this school to college with me will be a friend of yours, Tom.”

He went down the stairs of the Upper School with a dimness in his eyes which even the bright sunshine of the afternoon did not immediately clear away.

The next morning, a few moments before chapel, when most of the boys were waiting in front of the Study for the bell to ring, a carriage with a trunk strapped on behind drove up to the gate. From it alighted Blanchard and Davis and Durant, and last of all Sheldon.

Soon a group had gathered round him, Edward among them and Mr. Barclay and Mr. Burns, and many little boys. Sheldon was busy