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This page needs to be proofread.

“Let me hit out one or two; perhaps then you’ll get on to it better,” said Edward.

He planted himself with the bat over his shoulder. Bell sent a swift inshoot; Edward met it squarely, and the next moment Lawrence was chasing a the ball far in the outfield.

“If I could paste one of those in a lifetime I’d die happy,” sighed Keating.

Bell was rather annoyed at having one of his curves hit so hard.

“I gave you a chance on that ball,” he said. “Bet you can’t do it again, Crashaw.”

“ome on,” said Edward, and squared himself.

The next ball that Bell pitched was wild, and Edward let it go by. Then came a slow out-drop to tempt him; but he refused to strike, and it curved wide of the plate. The third ball he swung at, and drove, again on a line, into left field.

Lawrence was going after it, but Durant, who appeared at that moment, walking with Wallace at the edge of the field, saved him