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stration of their abounding vitality; each one seemed to want to show how hard he could shoot the ball at Keating; and Keating smothered every throw in his big mitt with perfect confidence and nonchalance.

Pretty soon down marched the St. John’s procession, also headed by a band. It went round behind the third-base line and was cheered by St. Timothy’s. Some of the boys broke away and ran over to welcome friends among the visitors; Charles came up to Edward.

“You’re easy to find; my, but you’re conspicuous!” he said. “Afraid of grass stains or spoiling the crease, that you stand up?”

The taunt brought Edward down, and they sat together on the grass and talked. Edward complimented Charles on his nose in return for Charles’s pleasant words about his clothes. The St. John’s nine appeared and had their practice; Charles invited Edward to notice how superior they were at all points of the game. When at last St. Timothy’s took the field and