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head in left field. Amid tremendous yelling from the third-base crowd he reached second base.

Morton, the St. John’s captain, came to bat; until Jackson’s drive, he had made the only hit that had been secured by St. John’s. One strike was called on him; then he sent a swift grounder which Blanchard at short-stop just failed to reach; Jackson came tearing round third base and with all St. John’s screaming for him to go on raced for home.

Warren’s throw in from left field was swift and true; Payne crouched for it, but Jackson flung himself feet first and touched the plate just before Payne fell on him with the ball.

Instantly Payne leaped up and hurled the ball down to Blanchard who was covering second base, but that throw too was just a moment late: Morton was already there. One run for St. John’s, only one out, and Morton on second base: Bell took the ball and rubbed it viciously against his trouser-pads.

The next batter made a neat little bunt that