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“We’re going to cheer for whoever is behind,” said Mrs. Crashaw.

Edward and Charles accompanied them to the path which led round the end of the lake and up to the open hillside where St. Timothy’s were assembled. Then the two boys hurried back to the boat-house.

Already the others were undressing; by the float the launch was in readiness to take the crews to the upper end of the lake where the start was to be made.

The fresh breeze came whipping through the open doors of the boat-house; the lake was rippling under it, but the decision of the referee had been that it was not too rough to race.

“A head wind too,” murmured Durant to Edward gleefully, as they bent over side by side lacing up their canvas shoes.

The crews put their shells into the water and fastened them to the launch; then they wrapped their blankets round them and stepped aboard.

Slowly the launch swung away; and from