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Dr. Tomlinson^s Books

The American boy will never tire of reading tales of the early colonial days and especially of the desperate encounters and struggles of the colonists with the natives of the forest.

Dr. Tomlinson has read widely and has collected a mass of incident through family tradition and otherwise, which he has skillfully incorporated in the historical frameworks of several exceedingly interesting and instructive stories. He has the knack of mixing history with adventure in such a way as to make his young readers absorb much information while entertaining them capitally. His historical tales are filled with an enthusiasm which it is well to foster in the heart of every healthy-minded and patriotic American boy.

The plots are all based upon events that actually occurred; and the boy heroes play the part of men in a way to capture the hearts of all boy readers. Dr. Tomlinson shows scrupulous regard for the larger truths of history, and the same care that would naturally go into a book for older readers.

The Boys of Old Monmouth

A Story of Washington’s campaign in New Jersey in 1778.

A Jersey Boy in the Revolution

This story is founded upon the lives and deeds of some of the humbler heroes of the American Revolution.