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“You’re pretty up and coming for a new kid, are n’t you—organizing a ball nine and challenging the Sixth the first week you’ve been in the School!”

“Oh,” said Edward, flushing, “you think I’ve been fresh!”

“I did n’t say that; I said I thought you were an enterprising young hustler.” Blanchard’s eyes were twinkling.

“I suppose it might have been better if I’d let one of the old boys in the Fourth run the thing,” admitted Edward. “Only I never thought of that. I was so interested in getting up the game, and when I suggested it they all wanted me to go ahead with it.”

“Good thing they did, too,” was Blanchard’s comment. “None of those other kids would have gumption enough. Don’t you worry; nobody thinks you’re fresh, Crashaw.”

At that assurance Edward’s face cleared, and he went off to report the success of his negotiations to his friends. Blanchard laughed in telling Bell and Payne about it.

“Funny such a husky, beefy lad should be