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censed Fifth Formers talked among themselves, and they resolved to avenge themselves upon the ambitious youngsters during the game.

Some rumors of their sentiments and preparations came to Edward, but nothing definite; the fellows in the Sixth Form whom he knew, like Blanchard and Bell and Payne, could have enlightened him if they had chosen, for with them some of the aggrieved Fifth Formers were quite confidential. But they remained silent, partly because they did n’t see any use in hurting Crashaw’s feelings, and partly too because they did n’t want to spoil the prospective fun. Edward himself was so busy practising with his nine the two days before the game that he had neither thoughts nor ears for anything else.

He was therefore somewhat surprised on Saturday afternoon when he went out on the field to find the Fifth Form squatting all along the first-base line, several of them armed with shotguns, one with a small cannon, and others already making dismal noises with tin horns.