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line far over the centre-fielder’s head. Keating and Lawrence came home on a trot, and Edward, sprinting round the bases, arrived almost as soon as they did; it was a clean home run.

It silenced the scoffers for that inning; but at intervals afterward throughout the game, when nothing else occurred to them, and the Fourth Form was in the field or Edward was at the bat, they would start the chant, "Pishaw, P—shaw! Freshy Crashaw!”

Edward couldn’t quite understand why they had singled him out as the object of their antipathy, but he tried to be cheerful, and he kept on playing just as hard as if his team stood a chance of winning.

He was the only one on it who could hit Bell’s pitching, and though he drove in three more runs they were n’t of much value in the final result. Lawrence weakened, and the Fourth Form infield, with the exception of Keating, went to pieces in the seventh inning; and when the game ended, the score was fifteen to seven for the Sixth.

Edward was engaged in condoling with his