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“Oh, I’ve got to give something to somebody,” he cried, and broke away.

He saw the Sixth Former from whom he had taken the pocket-mirror leaving the field with Durant. For a moment he hesitated; Durant had spoken in a pretty nasty way to him during the game. But he ran up to them.

“Maybe I ought to apologize for snatching this the way I did,” he said, holding out the mirror. Then, because something in the expression of the boy who took it won his confidence, he added on a whimsical impulse, “I hope it has n’t inconvenienced you—my keeping it.”

“I have n’t especially cared to look at myself since then,” the boy confessed with a smile. “You were all right, Crashaw.”

Edward gave him a look of respect as he turned away.

“What was that?” asked Durant. And then Edward heard him continue in a loud, disgusted voice, “Shelly, do you know, that’s the freshest young pup!”

Instantly all the pleasant things went out