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does things better than you can; you think then that he’s fresh.’’

“That is n’t why we think you’re fresh, Laurie,” retorted Tweed, one of the Fifth Formers.

“Before we’d let a new kid—a new kid that ought to have gone to St. John’s, too—come into our form and boss us round!” virtuously observed Horne, another of the Fifth Formers. “I’m glad to think that we have some self-respect.”

“I’m surprised to think you have,” said Lawrence.

They made a dash for him, but he turned and ran, and took refuge from them in the library.

Blanchard, captain of the Pythians, and Durant, captain of the Corinthians, called out the football candidates on the same day. After the practice Blanchard told Edward that he was promising—especially as it was a bad year for tackles. Durant’s the only first-class tackle in the School,” he said. “I was wondering whom I could put