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tion in shoving Edward round and opening up big holes through him, he abstained from unpleasant remarks.

Tom Sheldon was also on the Corinthian team, big, active, and good-natured; once he hurst through when Edward had started to run with the ball and bore him to the earth. Then as he lay on him, he tried to force the ball from his grasp and murmured cajolingly,—

“Let me take care of it for you, Crashaw; “go on; I’ll let you have it after the game.”

Edward hung on to it tighter—and liked Sheldon better than before.

Throughout the Pythian-Corinthian series Edward performed creditably; but he knew that the final victory of the Pythians was due to their supremacy elsewhere than at left tackle. He was afraid that on the School eleven left tackle would be assigned to Wallace, a Sixth Former and Durant’s intimate friend and room-mate; Wallace had played that position for the Corinthians. He had not shown himself to be especially strong, but he