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special thoughtfulness. Keating and Lawrence clung at his side, petting him at every turn. Even Durant pleased him by coming up during the morning recess and saying, “Well, Crashaw, how goes it?” And Wallace, limping on crutches, said to him, “Strong as a bull, I hope?”

But after the early luncheon which the eleven had at the training-table and while they were walking down to the field, Edward did not feel as strong as a bull. He was nervous and shaky, and afraid that Blanchard would notice it and become distrustful.

Suddenly there was the sound of wheels behind, and then a shout; and there, swinging down the long avenue under the bare elms, came the St. John’s barge, drawn by four horses. The St. Timothy’s boys stepped aside,—they were only a short distance from the athletic house,—and the barge swept by. Edward stood, waving his cap and searching with shining eyes.

“Ned! Ned!” cried a voice; and there was