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straight nose, a decisive mouth, a long chin; only in their eyes were the boys alike, for in them was the same humorous, kindly look, the same quick intelligence.

It was a warm day for November.

“Going to be hot playing,” said Charles,

“I guess so,” said Edward.

“You’re pretty successful here, are n’t you?”

“Thanks to you, I’ve got a good start.”

“Thanks to me, you ungrateful pup! You’ve fixed me so that I don’t know where I’m at. Suppose a year or two from now you’re captain of St. Timothy’s; can I come up and root for St. John’s with any pleasure? And I certainly won’t root for you. You’ve spoiled about half my fun.”

“Oh, well.” Edward chuckled. “Don’t fret yourself about that, Charley. You know, I may never be captain.”

“You’ve got to play this afternoon so that some day you will be.—And we’ll lick you just the same.”

“We’re pretty good,” Edward said. “Tell