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judgment; he drove the next attack against Durant, who had been playing the strongest game in the St. Timothy’s line. The attack collapsed without gaining. Then Charles directed a play at Edward; Jackson opened up the hole and Dale rushed through for five yards.

“Stop them, Crashaw; you’ve got to stop them!” cried Durant passionately.

Charles Crashaw heard that too, and his eyes glittered.

Blanchard gave Edward a confiding pat on the shoulder. “All right, old man; all right,” said Blanchard’s quiet voice.

That generous confidence made Edward choke; he resolved to justify his captain’s faith. The next time he made a good tackle; and again St. John’s had to kick. The ball was St. Timothy’s in the middle of the field.

They rushed it by a series of attacks to St. John’s thirty-yard line. Edward had been getting into every play with all the strength that he had; and Blanchard had been driving his team without intermission.