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was said to him. If they would only give him a rest for one play; perhaps then he could stop the next one. Once his eyes met his brother’s, and though he was unconscious of it there was in them a beseeching look.

Charles hesitated a moment that time before giving the signal; then he cried it out sharply and sent Rose crashing through Edward for five yards.

“Lie still and take time out after the play, Ned.” Durant whispered this in his ear. “Save your strength all you can.”

But the few seconds allowed for that did not seem to be of any value.

Ten consecutive rushes through Edward had brought the ball to St. Timothy’s ten-yard line.

“Hold them, fellows; you’ve got to hold them!” cried Durant.

“Hold them, St. Timothy’s; hold them, St. Timothy’s!” shouted the boys on the nearer side-line. “Touchdown! Touchdown! Touchdown!” clamored incessantly the crowd on the farther side-line.