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makes me feel they’re just as good as St. John’s.”

“They’re the best ever—if that’s what you mean.”

“Kid,” said Charles, drawing him close, “It does me good to see you smile again.”

Behind them came the St. John’s barge at a gallop. It slowed up, and the boys in it called to Charles to climb aboard.

“Good-by, Ned,” he said, and gave a lingering squeeze to his brother’s hand.

Jackson reached a hand down from the barge.

“Crashaw,” he said. “Just to show there’s no hard feeling.”

Edward looked up at him; he was not at all savage in appearance now; he was laughing and his eyes were kind.

“None at all,” said Edward, and he grasped Jackson’s hand.

Then the barge rolled away. Edward took off his cap and waved a farewell to his brother.

When he turned, the first golden streaks of the sunset were shining beyond the chapel