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vindicating his spirit. Here he was,—a new boy who had had a phenomenal success at the start, who had been elected president of his form and taken up by the best of the older fellows—and now he had collapsed like a pricked bubble!

Snow and ice came soon, and then hockey was the sport that invited the attention of the boys. But Edward was a “duffer” at hockey—to the surprise and chagrin of those who had seen his brother play the year before on the St. John’s team.

“Funny you don’t play better,” said Lawrence to him one day. “Your brother’s a perfect whirlwind on skates.”

“I know,” said Edward. “I never seemed to get the knack.”

Because they liked him so much, and were always glad to have him round, his friends would never leave him out when they were choosing up sides; usually they put him in to guard the goal, an unexciting position which he filled acceptably enough.

Now and then one of the others, winded by