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they going to put you on the St. Timothy’s hockey team, Ned—so that I can go for you again?”

“You need n’t have asked that,” said Edward.

Something in his voice caused Charles to turn from the mirror where he had been examining his face. He saw the injured look in Edward’s eyes, the flush on his cheeks, and he said with quick compunction,—

“I did n’t think; I ought not to have jollied you there. But honestly, I wondered if you were getting on to hockey any better than you used to.”

“No. I ’m as much a chump as ever. I go out and play with little kids, and they stick me in to keep goal, and I fall all over myself when anybody comes at me with the puck. I’ll be glad when baseball begins again; I think that’s one thing anyway I can do.”

“You’d better take up rowing instead of baseball; you’re just the build for it, and it’s a great deal more fun.”