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that ran in steel grooves, there was the foot-rest with the toe-straps—all constructed just as they would be in a racing shell; there was an oar which fitted into the socket of a swivel, and pressed, as one pulled, against an air-cushion.

“I wrote to father and asked him to have it set up for me,’’ Charles explained. “You see, I’ll be playing hockey a good deal next term and won’t get as much rowing practice in the gym as some of the other fellows. But this will help me to keep even with them; I can use it in the Easter vacation, too. I’ll coach you if you want me to, Ned.”

“They don’t let anybody use these things in our gymnasium except the crew men,” said Edward. “And they haven’t begun practising yet—so I’ve never seen the thing work. I always wanted to try one.”

He sat down on the sliding seat, and picking up the oar began shooting hack and forth.

“Oh shucks, you don’t know the first thing about it. Why, you begin by bending your back like a bow one way and end up by bend-