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he must take the oath to the Constitution in the presence of the ministers, the sacred synod, the deputies then in the metropolis., and the higher officials of the realm. Within two months at the most the King must convoke the Legislature. If the successor to the throne is either a minor or absent at the time of the King's decease, and no Regent has been appointed, the Legislative Chamber has to assemble of its own accord within ten days after the occur- rence of that event. The constitutional royal authority in this case has to be exercised by the ministerial council, until the choice of a Regent, or the arrival of the successor to the throne. The present sovereign is allowed, by special exception, to adhere to the religion in which he was educated, the Protestant Lutheran faith, but his heirs and successors must be members of the Greek Orthodox Church,

Constitution and Government.

The Constitution of Greece, adopted October 29, 1864, vests the whole legislative power in a single chamber; called the Boule, consisting of 207 representatives, elected by manhood suffrage for the term of four years. Representatives must be at least 30 years of age, and electors 21. The elections take place by ballot, and each candidate must be put in nomination by the requisition of at least one-thirtieth of the voters of an electoral district. At the election of 1881 there were 460,163 voters on the list, being 1 voter in every 4*3 of the population ; the number who voted was 306,957, or 66 per cent, of the voters. The Boule must meet annually for not less than three, nor more than six months. No sitting is valid unless at least one-half of the members of the Assembly are present, and no bill can pass into law without an absolute majority of members. Every measure, before being adopted, must be discussed and voted, article by article, thrice, and on three separate days. But the Legislative Assembly has no power to alter the Constitution itself ; particular provisions may be reviewed after the lapse of ten years, with the exception of ' fundamental principles.' The Chamber of Deputies, unless specially convoked at an earlier date, for extraordinary occasions, must meet on November 1 (old style) of every year. The deputies are paid 2,000 old drachmai (equal to 1,800 new drachmai, or 72^.) each per session ; for an extra session the allowance varies according to its length from 20^. to 72/.

The Ministry as constituted November 10, 1898, is as follows :—

President of the Council and Minister of Foreign Affairs.— M. Zaimis. Minister of Interior, Worship, and Instruction. — M. TriantaphyJakos. Minister of Marine.— Captain Miaou/is. Minister of War.— Colonel Karpas. Minister of Finance. — M. NcgrU. Minister of Justice.— M. Monfcralos.

The Ministers of Finance and Justice are not members of the Cabinet.