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Diplomatic and Consular Representatives.

1. Of Honduras in Great Britain.

Envoy and Minister (for the Greater Republic). — Crisanto Medina.

Consul-General. — W. Binney.

There are Consuls at Manchester and Cardiff.

2. Of Great Britain in Honduras.

Minister and Consul-General. — G. F. B. Jenner. There are Consuls at Truxillo, Omoa, and Tegucigalpa.

Statistical and other Books of Reference concerning Honduras.

1. Official Publications.

Annual Statement of the Trade of the United Kingdom. Imp. 4. London.

Annuario Bstadistico for 1889, by A. R. Vallejo. Tegucigalpa, 18"?.

Boletin Financier©. Tegucigalpa.

Foreign Office Reports, Annual Series. London.

Gaceta Oficial de Honduras.

Honduras. Bulletin No. 57 of the Bureau of the A-.iierican Republics. Washington, 1802.

2. Non-Official Publications.

Bates (B.. W.), Central and South .America. London, 1882.

C;iarie«(C.), Honduras. 8. Chicago, 1890.

Fiallo8(E. C.), Sketch of Central America by.

Frobel (Julius), Seven Years' Travel in Central America. 8. London, 1853.

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Lombard (Tliomas R.), The New Honduras. New York, 1887.

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Reichardt (M.), Centro-America. 8. Braunschweig, 1851.

Report of the Council of the Corporation of Foreign Bondholders. Appendix for 1897. London, 1898.

Sapper (C), Das nordliche Mittel- An; erika. Reisen und Studien, 1888-95. Brunswick, 1897.

Scherzer (Karl, Ritter von), Wanderuiigcn durch die mittelamerikanischen Freistaaten Nicaragua, Honduras und San Salvador. 8. Braunschweig, 1857.

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.S5Htcr(E. G.), Honduras : Descriptive; Historical, and Statistical. 8. London, ISVO.