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It is stated to ])e the intention of the Government to introduce into Japan at an early period a new system of weights and measures, based on tlie metric system.

Diplomatic Representatives.

1. Of Japan in Gueat Buitain.

Envoy and Minv^ter. — Takaaki Kato. Secretary. — Keisliiro IMatsui. Attache — Chozo Koike. Naval Attache. — Captain Mukoyama. Military Attache. — Major Shiba. Chancellor. — Tadachi Shirasu.

2. Of Great Britain in Japan.

Envoy, Minister Plenipotentiary, and Consul-General. — Sir E. ^I. Satow, K.C.M.G., appointed June 1, 1895.

Secretary. — J. B. Whitehead.

Military Attache. — Lt. -Colonel A. G Churchill.

Japanese Secretary. — J. H. Gubbins, C.M.G.

There are Consular Representatives at Hakodate Niigata, Hiogo, Osaka, Xagasaki, Tokio, and Yokohama, and at Tamsuy and Tainan in the Island of Formosa.

Statistical and other Books of Reference concerning Japan.

1. Official Publications.

Constitution of the Empire of Japan. Tokio, 1SS9. General Outlines of Education in Japan. Tokio, 1884.

Foreign Office Reports. Annual Series and Miscellaneous Series. S. London. Reports of the various Government Departments. Annual. Tokio. Resume statistique de I'empire du Japon. Annual. Tokio. Returns of the Foreign Commerce and Trade of Japan. Anuual. Tokio. Annual Statement of the Trade and Navigation of the United Kingdom with Foreign Countries and British Possessions. Imp. 4. London.

Perkins (N.), Report on Formosa. [Contains list of works on Formosa]. Loudon, 1896.

2. Non-Official Publications.

Adams (F. 0.), History of Japan, from the earliest period to the present time. 2 vols. 8. London, 1875.

Alcock (Sir Rutherford), The Capital of the Tycoon ; a Narrative of a three years* Residence in Japan. 2 vols. 8. London, 1803.

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