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Reigninff Grand-duke.— Adolf, D^^ke of Nassau, born July 24, 1817, married, April 23, 1851, to Adelaide, Princess of Anhalt ; succeeded Novem- ber 23, 1890, on the death of King Willem III. of the Netherlands, who was also Grand-duke of Luxemburg. Offspring. — 1. Prince IFilhelni, born April 22, 1852 ; married June 21, 1893, to Marie Anne, daughter of Miguel, Duke of Braganza ; issue, Princess Marie, born June 14, 1894 ; Princess Charlotte, born January 23, 1896 ; Princess Hilda, born February 15, 1897. IL Princess Hilda, born November 5, 1864 ; married September 20, 1885, to Frederick, son of the Grand Duke of Baden.

The Grand Duchy of Luxemburg was included from 1815 to 1866 in the dissolved Germanic Confederation.

There is a Chamber of Deputies in the Grand Duchy of 45 members, elected tlirectly by the cantons for six years, the half renewed every three years. By the Treaty of London, 18G7, Luxemburg is declared neutral territory. It has an area of 998 square miles, and a population (Dec. 2, 1895) of 217,583 (109/282 males and 108,301 females), or 219 inhabitants to the square mile. The population is Catholic, save 1,316 Protestants, 1,054 Jews, and 177 belonging to other sects. The chief town,.JjUxemburg, has 19,909 inhabitants. The revenue for 1896 was 11,956,315 francs (including surplus from 1895), and expenditure 9,338,430 francs. In the budget estimates for 1898 the revenue is set down at 11,223,600 francs, and the expenditure at 9,904,440 francs. For 1899, revenue 12,032,800 francs (including 2.685,000 francs from preceding year) ; expenditure, 10,998,500 francs. The debt consisting of loans, mainly for the construction of railways, was, in 1893, converted into a single loan of 12,000,000 francs at 3 ^ per cent. The annuities amount to 493,130 francs. There is a revenue fund consisting of bonds of the national debt to the amount of 1,487,000 francs. For commercial purposes Luxem- burg is included in the German Zollverein. There are 270 miles of railway, 457 miles of telegi-aph line with 1,153 miles of wire, and 141 telegraph- offices. In 1897 there were 85 post-offices through which there passed 6,446 letters and post-cards, and 6,066 samples, &c.

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