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values are sometimes only one-third of those adopted by the Government for custom-house puri)0ses.

The KiiUar by which is sold the produce of weight of the country, 100 Ratals, equal to 168 lb. English.

The Kintar by which is sold the articles of weight of importation is 100 Ratals, equal to 112 lb. English.

The Drah, 8 Tomins, about 22 English inches.

Grain is sold by measure.

The actual Tangiit, almost 8 Tomins, equal to l^-J English bushel.

Oil is sold, wholesale, by the kula ; that of Tangier actually weighs 28 rotals, 47 lb. English, and is equal to about SyVcr British imperial gallons.

Diplomatic and Consular Representatives. Of Great Britain in Morocco. Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary. — Sir Arthur Nicol- son, K.C.1.E, C.M.G. ; appointed June 26, 1895. Consul at Tangier. — H. E. White.

There is also a Consul at Dar-al-Baida ; Vice-Consuls at Fez, Laraiche, Rabat, Mogador, Mazagan, Saffi and Tetuan.

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