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Telcgiaph lines have been completed to the total length of 1,820 miles, and Bangkok is now iji commnnieation with Korat, Nong-Khai, Sesopone, Chantabun, and I'ningtaphan (the line to Chiengmai has not been working for 3'ears, although the repairs required are said to be but trifling) ; with Moulmein, and Tavoy in Lower Burma ; and with Saigon' in Anam ; the working of the lines, however, is sul)ject to vexatious delays, communication with Europe being frequently interrupted.

There is a postal service in I^angkok, and in 1885 Siam joined the International Postal Union. The mail service down the Malay Peninsula, and also towards the north of Siam, has been largely developed. Post offices, 1896, Itio ; letters &c. transmitted, internal 471,295, external 373,704. In 1890 a parcel post service was established having connection with Singapore and the international system.

Money, Weights, and Measures.

In Bangkok there are branches of the Hong-Kong and Shanghai Bank, the Chartered Bank of India, and the Ban que de I'lndo-Chine. Of these the first two issue notes ; bank-note issue is in nowise regulected by the Siamese Government.

The legal money of Siam is the tical, a silver coin, weighing 236 grains troy, -910 fine. Other silver coins from the Siamese mint now current are the salung and the fuang, the former one-fourth, the latter one-eighth of a tical. Dollars are accepted in payment at the rate of 3 dollars for 5 ticals.

The Tical, or Bat . = 64 Atts, or 60 cents of a Mexican dollar. 4 Ticals . . = 1 Tamlung.

80 Ticals . , = 1 Oatty : these two last are moneys of account.

1 Chang = 2| lbs. avoirdupois ; 50 Chang - 1 hap. or 133^ lbs. ; 1 Niu - 1-66 English inch ; 1 Keui) = 12 Niu; I Sok = 2 Keup ; 1 JFah = 2 Sok ; 1 Sen = 20 Wa ; 1 Wah = 80 English inches ; 1 Yot = 400 Sen.

Diplomatic and Consular Representatives.

1. Of Siam in Giie.^t Britain. Envoy and Minister. — Phya Yisuddha. Councillor of Legation. — Frederick W. Veruey. Attache. — Luang Prakicli.

Attache Interpreter. — E. H. Loftus,

2. Or Great Britain in Siam.

Minister Resident and Consul General. — George Greville, C.M.G., ap- pointed 1896.

Consicl. — W. J. Archer.

Vice-Consuls at Bangkok.— C. E. W, Stringer and J. S. Black. Consul at Chiengmai. — W. R. D. Beckett. Consul for Kcdah, kc.—Q. \\. Kynnersley, C.M.G. (acting) (Penang).

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