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Loan and trust companies, clxxxiv. Lockouts and strikes, ccix. Mail transportation, niilea}j:e, clix. Manufactures, gxvi ; capital, number of establishments, persons em- ployed, wages, and value of products, cxvi . Marine Hospital Service, viii. Merchandise imported, prices of, cxli. Merchant marine, cxlvii. INIetals, precious, imports and exports, cxlii. Mining, cviii ; machine (bituminous coal), cxiv. Mint, Director of the, vii. Mints, Superintendents of, vii. Molasses, production of, ciii. Money, clxxx; in treasury and in circulation, clxvi ; and credit, clxi; orders, clviii. Moneys, location of, clxvii. Municipal statistics, cclx. Nation, the, i. National Museum, xvii. Naturalization laws, ccxv. Navigation, Commission of, viii. Navy, forces and losses, various wars, Ixi ; list of ships of, Iv ; number of otiicers and men, Iv ; p.ay of officers, Ixii ; pay of petty officers and en- listed men, Ixiv; personnel of, liv; the effective, and all vessels in, lix; vessels under construction, Iviii. Navy and Army, relative rank in, Ixvi. Navy Department : — Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Chief Clerk, Disbursing Clerk, Bureaus of Ordnance, Equipment, Navigation, Yards and Docks, Supplies and Ac- counts, Steam Engineering, Medi- cine and Surgery, Construction and Repairs, Judge Advocate-General, Otttce of Nautical Almanac, Naval War Records and Library, Board of Inspection and Survey, Washington Navy Yard and Station, Naval Ob- servatory, Marine Cordis, and duties, xi-xiii. Newspapers, ceiv. Nicaragua Canal Commission, xviii. Oats, c. Occupations of population of United States, xc. Officers and employees of Federal (Tovernment. numi)er of, xxii. Official correspondeiK'e, forms, xx. Oleomargarine, production and rev- enue from, cxix.

Paris Exposition, Commission to, xix. Passengers and freight, clii. Passports, rules of application for, xx. Patent Otiice, xiii. Patents, cxcvi. Pauperism, ccvii. Peace Commission, xix. Pension agents, cxcvi. Pension Bureau, xiii. Pensioners, number of, in each State and in foreign countries, cxcv. Pensions, cxciv. Petroleum, production of and exports, cxv. Philippine Commission, xix. Philippine Islands, ccxli ; area and population of, ccxli ; commerce of, ccxlviii ; financial and industrial condition of, ccxli ; freight rates to and from U. S. and Great Britain, ccxlv ; minerals of, ccxlvi. Political parties, ccxiii. Population, by color, xcvi; foreign, 1890, xciv ; movement of, xciii ; progress and present condition, Ixxxvii. Population and area of U. S., Ixxxvii. Porto Rico, ccxxxvi ; area and popu- lation of, ccxxxvi ; commerce of, ccxxxvii. Postal Service, clviii. Post Office Department : — Postmaster-General, Assistant Post- masters-General, Chief Clerk, Dis- bursing Clerk, and duties, xi. Post Offices, clix. Potatoes, production and price of, civ. President, iii ; vote for, ccxiii-ccxv. Presidential succession, ii. Presidents, list of, iii ; Vice, list of, iv. Price of bullion, clxx. Prices, of exported articles, cxxxix; of merchandise imported, cxli. Printing Office, Government, xvi.

Railroad commissions, clvi. Railway Commission, Intercontinen- tal, xvii. Railways, cl, cli; accidents on, cliv; capitalization and valuation of proi)erty of, cliv ; earnings and ex- penses of, cliv; employees on, cliii; mileage of, civ ; public service of, cliii ; street, cclxx. Receipts and expenditures, clxiv, clxv. Reciprocity Commission, xviii. Record and Pension Division, x. Redemption, agency of, national bank, ix.