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MALTA 107 tion was 824,439Z. Of the total imports in 1897 the value of 150,473Z. was from the United Kingdom ; 92,429^. from British possessions: 10,652,379^. from foreign countries. Of the total exports the value of 1,784,834^. was to the United Kingdom; 1,891, 114Z. to British possessions; 6,403,709Z. to foreign countries. In the general trade the most important article is wheat, 7,094,280^, in 1897. Vessels entered (1897), 4,111, of 3,637,426 tons; cleared, 4,079, of 3,607,042 tons. Of the total entered 1,789 vessels of 2,631,293 tons, and cleared 1,785 of 2,626,679 tons were British. Railway, 8 miles ; telegraph, 65 miles ; telephones, 350 miles. The Post- office traffic in 1897 was : Inland letters and postcards received and despatched, 1,641,255; newspapers, 669,107; in foreign correspondence, received and despatched, letters, 1,975,870 ; postcards, 118,576 ; newspapers, 1,022,437. Books of Reference. Colonial Report. Annual. London. Ballon (M. M.), The Story of Malta. 8. Boston, 1893. Lwca* (C. P.), Historical Geography of the Colonie.s. Vol.1. 8. Loudon, ISSS Paf^e (G. A.), Guide to the Laws and Regulations of Malta. 8. Malta, 1892.