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104 THE BRITISH EMPIRE: — INDIA AND DEPENDENCIES The rupee Weighs 1^^ of a tola (a tola = 180 grains) -916 fine. It is now worth about 16c?. The anna is worth Id. at present. The sum of 100,000 rupees is called a 'lac,' and of 10,000,000 a *crore,' of rupees. The Maund of Bengal of 40 seers . = 82f lbs. avoirdupois. ,, ,, Bombay . . . = 28 lbs. nearly. ,, ,, Madras . . . = 25 lbs. nearly. ,, Candy, oi 20 onaunds . , . = 24 "3 bushels. ,, Tola =r 180gr. ,, G^?i2 of Bengal . . . . = 36 inches. An Act to provide for the ultimate adoption of a uniform system of � weights and measures of capacity throughout British India was passed by the Governor-General of India in Council in 1871. The Act orders : Art 2. * The primary standard of weight shall be called a ser, and shall be a weight of metal in the possession of the Government of India, equal, when weighed in a vacuum, to the weight known in France as the kilogramme, = 2-205 lbs. avoirdupois.' Art. 3. 'The units of weight and measures of capacity shall be, for weights, the said ser ; for measures of capacity, a mea- sure containing one such ser of water at its maximum density, weighed in a vacuum.' 'Unless it be otherwise ordered, the subdivisions of all such weights and measures of capacity shall be expressed in decimal parts.' This Act, however, has never been brought into operation.

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